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Some more photos questions and information here.

Someone asked about the Tradewind's serial number so here are photos of the plates by the door:

Landyacht Plate
Tradewind Plate
Serial Plate

MHM Plate

The more comments I get the better this Tradewind seems, the floor is not spongy and I have hopes of not needing to replace it.


This shows the entry, location of the name plates and door / window details. (Roof still not washed). There are a couple of missing items to the left of the door.

Top Clip?

This looks like something that the top of the door would touch when all the way open ... perhaps not. Turns out this is the entry point for the TV antenna.

This is what is left of the door clip, located on the wall at the middle of the door when it is opened all the way. Again, I need parts or replacement. The 'U' shaped part it attached to is also missing from the door. Now that I replaced them the door latches open nicely.

The rear bumper looks never to have been bumped, but definitely will benefit from new paint!

Bumper - A
Bump - B

Original Door Latch lock insides replaced - works fine

Original Door Latch

I'll try and leave the B&B to remember Bea and Bob by.
You can also see the two holes (rust stained) where the 'U' shaped clip for the door was. (Clip since replaced).

More to follow...


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