1960 Airstream Tradewind

We have an Airstream that is in fairly good condition that we want to restore / refurbish / customize. We want to with as much original equipment as we can. Assistance, suggestions comments are welcome.

Description and Story:

This is a 1960 - 24 ft. Airstream Tradewind that was originally owned by Bea and Bob Skillinger. My family bought it from them in 1990 when they were neighbors in Alva, Florida. Bea and Bob were fabulous neighbors and had traveled extensively with the A/S.

As far as I know the only customization Bea and Bob did was to reduce the front bed to a single and add a second table. Everything else (except cloth items) seems original.

It was not taken on the road but parked at a farm and lived in part time until recently. Unfortunately a relative 'helped out' by opening the windows and frequently not getting them closed if it rained. Luckily there is only minor water damage and no mold showing. The same relative connected the water system to the farm's high iron / sulfur water which makes me believe that I should replace the pipes. I also expect to replace the holding tanks as lighter more modern are available.

Taking the age of the A/S into consideration it might also be a good idea to replace the gas lines and electrical if they can be reached. I have tested both and everything works but if I open up the area it just seems like a good idea.

Before towing from the farm to our home the A/S slipped off a stand and sustained a small dent and a tear in the under-belly. Since it had been in place so long the wheels had to removed so the tires could be checked and aired. (Have to replace these split ring rims too! Maybe they are a collectors item.)

Here are the first photos of the A/S at our home.

Right side
No, the A/S is NOT bent in the center, I still need to work on stitching two photos into one!

Left side
No, the A/S is NOT bent in the center, I still need to work on stitching two photos into one!



I'll have some more photos as necessary. Inside is a Dometic refrigerator Model 50 and a Princess stove. You may contact me through the group.

Airstream 02

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