Does an artist choose her subjects, or do her subjects choose her?

My body of work arises from those things that speak to my spirit and my mind. My life is complex, so I seek to keep my paintings simple. For the sake of my soul and my sanity, it has been my intent to create the most beautiful representations I can of the subjects that move me the most deeply. Nature's bounty captivates me. To figure out how to catch my responses in pigment will challenge me as long as I live.

I have always lived near water, and now could not imagine ever residing far from the ocean. The duality of its power and serenity has moved me to create some of my most meaningful images. I have explored the coasts and waterways of Florida by canoe for thirteen years. This intimate interaction with water has always intrigued me, tested me, and sometimes terrified me, and has taught me about responding to the natural environment more than any art classes ever could.

The best part of being an artist is the continuing discovery of those subjects that take hold of me and demand to move through my consciousness until they are revealed in pigment. Just a few paddle strokes around the river bend awaits a stray shaft of light that will transform the mundane into the exquisite… and with luck, I’ll be there to witness it and then share it with you.

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Flight of Fancy Image
Flight of Fancy
Above the Planet Image
Above the Planet
Petunia Duet Image
Petunia Duet
Myakka Tapestry Image
Myakka Tapestry

What is a Giclee?

The Giclee ("zhee-clay") process developed from experiments conducted by famed rock musician Graham Nash (The Hollies and Crosby, Stills & Nash) and Mac Holbert. They discovered a here-to-fore undocumented application for the Iris Inkjet printer. The Iris 3047 had been developed for proofing digital graphics but no one had imagined using it to produce fine art. 1991 saw the opening of the worlds first digital fine art studio, largely due to Mr. Nash's vision. We have now entered the 21 st Century and the printers used today for Giclee production far exceed the capabilities of what existed in the 1990's.

Giclee printing has many advantages over other printmaking methods. For example, each piece is individually produced allowing an artist to order one reproduction at a time if desired, so the artist is not obligated to finish and submit an edition to long term storage. Donna Kazo demands that the inks and substrate (papers, canvas) used for reproducing her work be of the highest quality.

Donna's landscapes can transport you to a peaceful setting and her Shell fragments series contains many beautiful works. Her teapots are simply delightful.

Teapots Number 2

Besides Giclee prints Donna also has original art available. Donna also does select animal portraits. I have seen many of her clients exclaim "You got the likeness perfectly!"

Please contact Donna for information concerning her prints and original work, tell her we say hi.

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