Special Web Hosting Offer

This offer is limited for to up to 7 of our readers to have their own web site, with their own URL. If you can’t write html or don’t have the time, we will even edit and put the pages up for you. If you write your own pages you will be able to have a large, full fledged site with many pages and images and go way past the limit we must place on the free pages edited for you. You must remember that as a free service our time is limited and we'll do all the work for up to 12 pages. Your images are included. You will need to give us raw text as to what you wish put up.  (We’ll throw in the sitemap and your privacy policy pages and a 'contact me' page too which means up to 15 pages edited for you).

Use the space for almost anything - event promotion, a special occasion, sales, advertising your imagination is the limit. We do ask that the materials be in good taste, not pornographic or political. Start a blog to send people to your main site? Why not make a site as a unique gift? You could even set up a page to propose to that special someone. LOL

If desired you could easily make a site larger and more complex than our Quisqualis™ site - there is more room available. (We just have to limit the number of pages we write or we won't have time for our own rare fruits and such). Look at these features that will be available to you or to install:

All accounts will have...

All accounts will have these Control Panel Features...

CGI Fantastico
FastCGI Soholaunch
PHP 5 Multi Language
Perl Hotlink Protection
Ruby On Rails phpMyAdmin
Python IP Deny Manager
SSH Custom Error Pages
SSI Redirect URL
Cron Web Based File Manager
FrontPage PW Protected Directories
Curl Instant Blogs
GD Instant Customer Support Desks
Image Magick Instant PHPnuke
Streaming Audio/Video Instant Forums
Free PHP/Perl Module Installation Instant Guestbook

All accounts will have these E-mail tools...

Instant Portals
Web Mail Instant Counter
E-mail Alias Instant FormMail
Auto Responders
Mailing Lists
Catch Alls
Spam Assassin
Mail Forwards
IMAP Support

All accounts will have these Website / FTP Statistics...

All accounts will have these E-Commerce  Features...

AWstats (Real Time Updates) Shared SSL*
Webalizer Agora Cart
Raw Log Manager osCommerce
Referrer Logs ZenCart
Error Logs Cube Cart

*Private SSL available at additional cost

Thats a lot of features available and I don't pretend to know them all. For example there are 4 shopping carts - you choose the 1 you need, I have never seen any site that needed even 2. Some of you have FrontPage on your IBM clone - I work on Apple with KompoZer but have taught people how to use their own FrontPage program. Most also prefer PERL or CGI and not many sites use both. Java Script is also available. (The email links on this page are 'disguised' in Java Script to help fight spam).

Perhaps you already have a page and want to test out a new product of approach - this provides you an economic way to do so. If you are unhappy with your present Host you could test this and then move your pages (and URL) if we provide better service.

I am looking for people who want the site for 6 months up but will consider taking a couple for shorter periods. You can completely change the site at any time. Although you may need to register an appropriate URL if the one you start with does not fit. (For example if you set up to sell a beach front home as BuyMyBeach.com and sell the property than decide to sell those rare palms in your nursery the URL would be better changed to MyRarePalms.com or something).

How much? I wanted to offer this really low so how about $10.00 a month, paid by by the month. Pay $9.55 monthly for 6 months or a yearly blocks. There needs to be a minimum of 4 people in the program and I'll accept no more than 7 if I am editing pages. Please note I have a target amount for this introduction to generate, once that is reached I reserve the right to lower rates, modify the offer or refuse additional members. The main point is to take a few people who may have never had a web site, or want to try something new and provide the opportunity.

You can find cheaper web space with some of these features, even free with a few of the features. They won't edit your pages and help you get the pages up for free as offered here. We will also share information on search engine optimization so your pages have a chance to be seen by more people.

To get started or for more information send us an email

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