A Compendium of Horticulture, Unusual Plants, Rare Fruit, Books and Information

I have spent over three decades of my life involved in botany and horticulture. I grow everything from Aroids to Ziziphus with varying degrees of success. I have propagated by marcott, cutting, grafting, spore and seeds. Currently I am studying Meristem Culture (Tissue Culture) and expect to apply this to propagation as well.

I spent a bit over ten years editing what was the worlds only monthly rare fruit magazine and have assisted in editing several books. Most notably Five Decades with Tropical Fruit by William F. Whitman.

While I enjoy most plants I specialize in rare fruits and unusual plants.

Current horticultural / botanical projects include the use of the Internet and video.


The books recommended through these pages have been well read, either by me or by a professional whose judgment is trustworthy. I don't write reviews for books that I don't like, but just because a book is not listed does not mean it was rejected. Reviews of both classic and new books are to be found. Reading takes time and not all publishers are willing to provide copies for review.

The Grape Grower: Book Review
An excellent book by Lon Rombough.

Growing Fruits & Vegetables Organically

A good, older Rodale book available from several sources and tips on a couple of other books as well.

California Grafting DVD - See the Review Here

It can be difficult to graft if you don't have a teacher handy - this new DVD from the OC-CRFG fills the bill. Read the review. Any purchase includes some free gifts from the EForest(tm) too!
If you are looking for a good book to start learning about grafting try the classic Grafters Handbook which gives an excellent account of grafting temperate species such as stone fruits and apples.

Our Own DVD productions

Will go on sale soon! Watch this space and for www.HowTo Graft.com to go live.


Most of the tools I review have been in my hands at one time or another. If not I have examined the tools at a local distributors showroom. As with books I do not plan to write any reviews slamming a tool for poor quality. Instead I'll write about those I know to be reliable.

Without the right tools it can be much more difficult to produce good plants. I have used Felco tools for decades and list my Pruner recommendations here and Loppers and Saws here.

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