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The purpose of this page is to provide information and quality products to our readers and to those who come from our educational site

When you seek information or products on the Internet we suggest you do some basic research and base your decision about the site's usefulness on your research.

When I teach Adult Education classes on "Computing and the Internet" I ask, "Suppose you want to know about Cardinals (the red birds we see in our yard) and you do a web search on them. Your search, using bird and Cardinal produces well over 1 million hits.  Lets pretend it only gave you 2. The first is Cornell University and the second is Joe’s Cardinal Expose. At the first site you find information regarding feeding, range and other bird related information. A quick search on Cornell University shows that they are one of the top sources of information on birds. Joe’s site reveals that Cardinals are from the planet Red and actually run the Earth as a slave state. You run a search to see what you can discover about Joe’s site and the three sources you get all seem to doubt Joe’s veracity, if not his sanity. Deciding which of these two sites to rely on is not hard. Sometimes its more difficult to tell the good sites from the bad which is why it is important to do this simple research."

The same basic research is important when buying something from an Internet source.  Look beyond the cheapest price, cheap is not always best. Look at the quality claims, source and 'tone' of the site and product. Sites that ask for you to place your orders through a private delivery service (UPS, Fedex so forth) and not through the US mail might be trying to avoid having the US Post Office investigate their practices. With the increases in postal rates you will see more and more honest folks using alternate services - read past the price and see if you can get a feel for the site.

I like to buy (and sell) with PayPal, as the security is good. If you buy from me using PayPal I never see your credit card information – the same is true if I am the buyer, the seller never sees my credit card information.

How much information do they ask to make their sale? If its more than name, address, telephone and email why do they need additional information? If the purchase is delivered by email why do they need your address?

Lastly look at how they ship. I pass up a lot of 'deals' where the shipping costs are obviously inflated. If the item is $5, weighs little, and $9.95 shipping I want to know why. I would rather deal with someone honest enough to give the real price of the item and not try and sneak an extras $5 profit through inflated shipping. Personally I like to ship by Priority mail as there are several flat rate boxes and its easy to add tracking to the package. The cost is a bit more but I feel the process is faster and safer overall.

Where does the information come from?

Our information is obtained through research at basic sources. Life, being complex, requires us to consult with many sources when researching the most basic information. The site owner's areas of expertise are computers, education, botany and editing. When we decide to offer a product it is only after searching for the best we can find.

As an example we offer our readers some Australian hand crafts and  musical instruments. (Didgeridoo, Bullroarers, Boomerang).

After looking at several companies that sell ‘native Australian crafts’ and asking a lot of questions we believe the Didjshop is telling the truth when they write:

"We buy our Aboriginal art only from Aboriginal people. There are many non-Aboriginal people making and painting didgeridoos, clap sticks, boomerangs etc. - and even selling them as Aboriginal art. In fact the vast majority of didjeridus on the market are harvested and painted by non Aboriginal people. There's no law against it, but we consider it highly unethical.

The Didjshop supports the production of traditional artifacts by Aboriginal people... the traditional owners of the land. Too much of this continent has already been destroyed by greedy land exploiters only interested in a quick buck."

They appear to be truthful and honest about their products and pricing and we feel confident in including their wares on our pages.

We researched sources of healthy foods in the same way and the results of our search will be linked here soon. (Our research also convinced us that eating a reasonable amount of good beef was much better than the larger quantities of 'unsure' beef we had been eating).

Our newist section is on cosmetics and other personal products that are produced without a number of chemicals that can be dangerous to the user. We will open some pages for you soon. (Ladies, do you know how much Lead is in your lipstick)? More on this too in the near future.

Where do the products come from?

Our products have all gone through the process outlined above.

Almost all the products recommended have been tested in our own hands. Books we read before suggesting them. (I have rarely written a bad book review, I simply don't mention its availability. If asked about a specific title I did not like I’ll explain why and try and offer an alternative).

We hope you enjoy our site and the information and products offered.
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Ever thought of owning your own Didgeridoo?


Ever thought of owning your own Didgeridoo?

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